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It’s the final countdown for the Google Science Fair

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Did you know that Mitch Rensick won his local Science Fair? Today he is a professor at the MIT media lab where he develops educational technology that is changing the landscape of learning with his Lifelong Kindergarten project. You can learn more about him by tuning in to our interview.

Now is your chance to use your scientific knowledge to try to explore and solve real word problems as part of the Google Science Fair. With only 5 days left before the April 4th deadline, we encourage you to get your projects submitted.

Please keep in mind that when entering the contest, we’ll need parent or guardian consent in order for submissions to be valid. Submissions that don’t include parental or guardian consent will be disqualified. Even if you’re working as part of a team, we require parental or guardian consent for every team member. Your parent or guardian can consent by either:

  1. Responding to the email they were sent when you signed up. If they didn’t receive the email, visit this link:
  2. If your parent or guardian doesn’t have access to email, we are also able to accept a hard-copy of the consent form which you can download here. Once your parent or guardian fills this out, scan and email the completed form to
As you put the finishing touches on your projects, please remember to:
  • Set the permission of your Google Science Fair project site to public so the judges will be able to see it.
  • Include a video or presentation on your Summary Page (also set to public). For an example, check out Tesca’s sample project.
  • Submit your final project site via this form by 4 April 2011.
If you have any questions make sure to check out our FAQ and help forum. Good luck to all the students who have entered the competition, and keep an eye on our Google Science Fair site for the announcement of the global semi finalists in early May. We look forward to seeing all the great work from the world’s future scientists.

Samantha Peter, Education Marketing Manager