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Google Science Fair global semi-finalists announced

Monday, May 9, 2011

Congratulations to the global semi-finalists in the inaugural Google Science Fair! These 60 projects were selected from a pool of over 7500 entries from more than 90 countries around the world and are now available for public viewing at

The many thousands of innovative and engaging entries on a wide range on topics from cancer treatment to renewable oceanic energy to aeronautic auto-pilot algorithms made it no easy task to select just 60 semi-finalists. Our teams of teachers around the world has worked hard to evaluate the creativity, scientific merit and global relevance of each submission over the past few weeks and now the results are in!

The global semi-finalists in each of the three age categories are:

Kevala Van Volkenburg, Canada
Marc Ting, Canada
Ann Ding, Canada
Nishanth Kumar, Krishna Betai , Anish V Malladi, India
Sahil Sahibole, India
Muhammad Syafiq, Bin Idros, Lee Tae Won, Bey Huat Guang, Singapore
Girish Kumar, Singapore
Luke Taylor, South Africa
Rishabh Mazmudar, USA
Peter Graham, USA
Sunny Potharaju, Justin Yang, USA
Nimal Subramanian, USA
Lauren Hodge, USA
Michelle Guo, USA
Michael Yang, USA
Anika Raghuvanshi, USA
Daniel Arnold, USA
Harikrishnan Ravikumar, USA
Anand Srinivasan, USA
Muadh Ghuneim, USA

Rebecca Todesco, Canada
Chaithya G. R., Siri G.R., India
Harine Ravichandran, India
Shashank Dahagama, India
Georgia Bondy, UK
Nicholas McCoy, USA
Jacqueline Carbajal, USA
Dora Chen, USA
Gavin Ovsak, USA
Yanqi-Tyson Chen, USA
Amelia Ricketts, Willa Sieradsk, Jennifer Wang, USA
Jacob Buckman, USA
Natalie Ng, USA
Katrina Guido, USA
Alan Hwang, USA
Saumil Bandyopadhyay, USA
Margaret Rodeback, USA
Naomi Shah, USA
Bradley Proffit, USA
Skanda Koppula, USA

Christopher Nielsen, Canada
Niraja Ranadive, Pushpendra Yadav, Vaishnavi Kokitkar, India
Jun Bing, Alec Wang, New Zealand
Xu Shi Meng, Singapore
Chiu Chai Hao, Singapore
Tanmay Shankar, India
Shaun Lim Hsien Yang, Singapore
Shree Bose, USA
Arushi Raghuvanshi , USA
Munia Mustafa, USA
Addison Weiler, USA
Matthew Morris, USA
Nathan Sprenkle, USA
David Tang-Quan, USA
Nicholas Louis Montgomery, USA
Grace Kim, USA
Dan Dou, USA
Vighnesh Leonardo Shiv, USA
Ankush Gupta, USA
Joy Carol Ming, USA

Now that the first round is over it’s your turn to be the judge … starting today you can visit and vote for your favorite Google Science Fair project. The team or individual with the most votes will win the People’s Choice Award and bring home a $10,000 scholarship. Public voting will only be open until 20 May 2011 so make sure to cast your vote today to ensure your favorite project is in the running.

Check back 23 May to see which teams will be flown out to Google’s headquarters in California for the final round of judging conducted by our panel of renowned scientists and innovators and the celebratory finalist event.

Thanks to all of the students around the world who submitted projects to the Google Science Fair and congratulations again to all the young scientists who made it to the semi-finalist round.

Posted by: The Google Science Fair Team

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